Frequently Asked Questions


What if there’s 1 card left and there’s 2 or more players?

  • All players use that last card



What if all cards are gone and it’s still a tie?

  • Then everyone wins that last hand, discard highest card(s) to your right!


At the end of the match, there’s only 1 card left per player – what then?

  • If it’s a tie, both win – discard to the right. Otherwise, it’s 1 against 1 and highest card goes to the right, lowest to the player’s left

Is there really no cheating possible?

  • All cards (except the draw pile) are face up. Everyone gets to see all the equations and check if they’re right (more math!)


We are playing multiplication, do we still use ADDITION to break a tie?

  • Yes. Use addition also to beat a subtraction tie.


With subtraction, how do we subtract them without coming up with a negative number?

  • Subtract the smallest number from the biggest! If you’ve got a Scary Ghost 1 and Red Dragon 9 – subtract 1 from 9 = 8 not 9 from 1 = -8